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A.SAMOURI has obtained a Leader position at the shelves of the Greek Super Markets, since always has invested on the quality, the nutritional and aesthetic supremacy of its products.

Our main goal is the establishment of the Brand SAMOURI, as a Leader in the field of Product Differentiation & Variety at the Confectionary and Baked Bread Products categories.

The company in numbers:

• Present at the Greek Market since 1974

• Owned facilities 1.300 s.m

• Vertically integrated packaging procedures

• Owned delivery vehicles

• Presence of our products in over 1.000 p.o.s. all over Greece











Since 2004 A.SAMOURI exclusively represents for the Greek Market, the Cyprian manufacturer PAVLOS CAKES INDUSTRY LTD, leader at the Cyprus Market at the field of Bakery and Confectionery Products, with the brand JOHNSOF.

Our cooperation has created a powerful Brand for the everyday needs of the consumers, who already trust our Brand & our products. Up-to-day everybody can find at the major Super Market, a full range of Croutons in 160g & 320g packs, which are famous for:

They are double-baked, so they remain crispy, long after opening

They are healthy, rich in fibers and low in fats

They can enrich & accompany salads, soups, legumes, or they can be a delicious snack.

During 2017, new products was added at JOHNSOF family.

4 edible Pastry Colors (red, green, yellow & blue), as well as 4 edible Pastry Essences (vanilla, almond, chocolate & strawberry). With these products, we create an innovative range of products which can perfectly and easily support, any sweet creation or decoration at your home workshop. These products fulfill our extended range of Decorative Products for home use by the brand ‘A.SAMOURI creates ... sweets’.

We already jointly planning the next products which will steal the consumer’s heart, by their arrival.

A.SAMOURI is always on search of new innovative products and partners, which can contribute to the variety of the Product Categories we offer to the Greek Market, so to always satisfy the up-coming needs of the consumers, with faith to its creators vision.